Three NFM eateries land on Scene's 'Spice Map'

According to the  Nashville Scene , you can’t go wrong with the “indian goodness” of Swaghura’s goat curry.

According to the Nashville Scene, you can’t go wrong with the “indian goodness” of Swaghura’s goat curry.

Three Nashville Farmers’ Market eateries — El Burrito Mexicano, Jamaica Way and Swaghura — have been included in the Nashville Scene’s recently published “Spice Map.”

“January 2019 has been plagued by unpredictable and unstable weather,” writes Ashley Brantley. “During the first three weeks of the month, Nashville had only five clear, sunny days. Five! About 10 days it rained. One day it tried to snow but mostly failed, and another day we hit 70 degrees. Living through this sloppy, volatile mess is like living in my own sinus cavity, or inside The Bachelor mansion, and I am over it. 

“Luckily, there is a scientific solution: spicy food. Spicy stuff is legitimately good for you for several reasons: 1) It contains capsaicin, a magic chemical found in chili peppers that releases endorphins, which make you happy; 2) it clears your sinuses, which we need in a city where we’re all walking around using our sweaters like torso-sized tissues; and 3) spicy foods boost your metabolism.”

Read the story to find out why Brantley calls Swagruha’s goat curry “part hot pot, part pot roast, and all spicy Indian goodness,” while Jamaica Way’s spicy jerk chicken is “a perfect mix of peppery heat, bright herbs and brown-sugar sweetness.” El Burrito’s tamales, meanwhile, “are perfect little packets of love and masa: tender shredded pork wrapped in a fluffy corn blanket.”

David Gonnerman