East Nashvillian profiles Margot McCormack


"‘It’s a nice, sunny day,’ Margot McCormack says, reading glasses pulled down to the tip of her nose as she scans the list,” begins an East Nashvillian profile of Nashville Farmers’ Market Board member Margot McCormack by Jon Gugala. “‘Y’all can work on those Italian whites.’

“You can feel the Southern seasons changing on this Saturday evening in late September. McCormack, lit in maize sunlight streaming through the windows of her 17-year-old 5 Points restaurant, knows it’s time to sell through the summer wines to make room for the new. It’s an ethos she’s held since even before her groundbreaking East Nashville eatery opened. Its menu changes nightly, in part because it’s dependent on what is freshest from local farms and butchers, and in part because her restaurant lacks the space for a walk-in cooler. Before every night, Margot is made anew.”

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David Gonnerman