Getting schooled by Laura Rodriguez

Last night Chef Laura Rodriguez of Creme Catering hosted the first in a series of cooking classes that she is leading for Nashville Community Education. The event was held in the Nashville Farmers’ Market’s Grow Local Kitchen.

Laura’s recipes for king crab legs paired with beef filet featured products from NFM vendors Bass Farms, Galena Garlic, J.D. Milk, Noble Springs Dairy, Smokin’ Oaks Organic Farms and Virgin Bay Seafood.

While a severe thunderstorm raged outside, Laura kept the class engaged with a deft combination of culinary skills and self-deprecating humor. After learning how to mince garlic into a paste, sear steak and crack crab legs (among numerous other skills), students enjoyed samples of the steak, crab and microgreens.

Wish you’d been there? Sign yourself up for the next NFM cooking class today.

David Gonnerman