Wine with Picasso

Natchez Hills Winery’s new event, ‘Picasso Pairings,’ jumped out of the gate with a sold-out premiere last week. And in case you think you can beat the crowd to the next one (they’re held the third Wednesday of each month), tickets for May’s installment are selling quickly.

“All of last week’s participants were locals who love coming to the Farmers’ Market to get everything,” says Katie Davis, tasting room manager for Natchez Hills. “And they love that they can bring their dogs to a wine bar that isn’t ‘stuffy.’” 

The humorous art + wine experience, offered in partnership with Anna Webb from HeArt of Nashville, provided a fun, laid-back environment for the guests to explore the materials and have a great time with their partners.

“We encouraged attendees to come in their gym clothes or just pop in after work,” Katie adds. “We were so happy to have created a space where everyone felt comfortable.”

Selected quotes from the event:  

  • “I’m definitely going to need more wine for this!” 

  • “I look like a tomato.” 

  • “You gave me double chins that I don’t have!” 

To learn more about this popular event … buy a pair of tickets.

David Gonnerman