For all farmers, producers, farmer/producer collective, food artisan, Grow Local Kitchen merchants and food trucks

  • A minimum of $1 million liability insurance coverage. Liability insurance can be obtained through most insurance companies; check with your current insurance agent for more information.

  • A business license (obtain from a TN county clerk office)

  • A sales/use tax certificate of registration (obtain from the TN Department of Revenue)

For farmers

  • A local farmer certificate (if in TN, obtain from the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension agent in your county; or if outside TN, through your state Agricultural Department)

For retailers of prepared and packaged foods

  • Agriculture Manufacturer Plan Review (obtain from the TN Department of Agriculture — contact Mike Brown, 615-837-5177)

For food artisans using certified kitchen facilities

  • Information about the certified kitchen facility including: kitchen contact information, street address, telephone number, and copy of associated health or food manufacturing permit.

For food trucks